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Tikka T3 Forest .308 Win Rifle JRTF616


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  • Caliber:.308 Win
  • Weight:6 lbs 13 oz
  • Rifle Overall Length:42 1/2"
  • Action:bolt
  • Trigger:single stage trigger, adjustable pull 2-4 lbs
  • Safety:two stage safety
  • Rifle Barrel Length:22 7/16"
  • Rifle Barrel Twist:11"
  • Rifle Stock:matte oiled walnut stock with roll over cheek piece
  • Scope Mount:17mm dovetail rail, no open sights
  • Iron Sights No
  • HandednessRight Hand
  • Item ConditionNew
  • UPC082442684635
  • MPNJRTF616

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
September 21, 2016

EuroOptic was a pleasure to deal with and had the best prices on the original T3 rifles anywhere. I did not see this listed but EuroOptic sent a pair of Tikka scope rings and an extended 5 round magazine. The rifle is beautiful and functions flawlessly. The bolt is very smooth. I paired this rifle with one of EuroOptics Zeiss Conquest 3-9 scopes. This is a very nice combo. I was immediately shooting 1 moa just as advertised. There are a few things I had to change on this rifle. First was the recoil pad. The stock pad is fine for hunting where you will not shoot much. If you plan on taking this to the range or shooting it a lot at once a softer pad will make it more enjoyable. The stock recoil lug is a must to change. The stock one seems to be aluminum or similar material. This is one change Tikka made for the T3X rifles. You can order this part directly from Beretta and it takes about 1 minute to change out. The next part I changed was the bolt shroud. The original was plastic and I replaced it with a T3X metal shroud. This took all of 30sec. to change. I have not done this but the final part I plan on changing is the stock bottom metal. The stock part is a thin plastic. Currently there is one manufacture that makes a metal version as a direct replacement. Others make bottom metals that accept AICS type magazines in case you want to change out from the stock Tikka plastic magazines. I have had no issues with them so far. So to wrap this up this is the most accurate rifle out of the box I have had. With a few changes you can basically turn this into a T3X and have an even better rifle. Either way, stock or slightly modified, I would recommend the Tikka rifles and EuroOptic to anyone!

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November 26, 2016

Beautiful rifle!!! Great customer service and super fast shipping!!!!

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May 11, 2017

I've only taken my new Tikka T3 Forrest out for its first barrel break in day, so I won't comment on accuracy yet. The metal work is fit nicely into the stock. I wish the comb was higher though. I would have to raise it about a 1/4 inch if using the supplied 1" rings. The wood is of good quality, but the finish plain. The trigger is excellent (once adjusted down to minimum pull weight). It's nice and clean and crisp. The magazine is a little hard to get to lock into place, but otherwise is fine (it came with a 5 rounder that sticks out a bit). I wish the metal was finished to a higher polish. It is definitely a matte blue. It's kind of rough to the touch (obvious cost saving). Overall I'm happy so far. We'll see how it groups next time.

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March 10, 2017

This is my third rifle I have bought from Euro Optic and this is the third time I have had the best, ever, service form a company. I have not shot this rifle yet, but it is perfect in every way. Thanks to Euro Optic for such a great experience with the best costumer service.

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September 8, 2018

Bought my first Tikka rifle (Tikka Tx3 TAC A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor) earlier this year (2018) and fell instantly in love with it. Therefore, when I decided to replace my .458 SOCOM with a more readily available caliber (.308 WIN) , Tikka was on my mind but I considered others as well including Sauer. Did a LOT of reading and comparing and settled on the Tikka T3 Forest paired with a Leupold VX-2 CDS Wind Plex Scope, 3-9 x 50mm. Eurooptics were very easy to work with and shipped it out the same day as my FFP called them. When it arrived, I opened the box at the gun shop and the rifle got admiring comments from staff and customers. We mounted the scope right there and took it to the range with a several different brands of ammo including Winchester, Hornady, Remington, Sako and Federal. We found accuracy varies more than most rifles depending on the ammo. Turns out mine likes Federal Premium 165 grain Gameking BTSP the best and produces sub-MOA groups at 100 and 200 yards. (Have not had opportunity to go out beyond that but MOA is MOA). Mind you, that is shooting off a wooden bench with sandbags at an outdoor range so there are mitigating factors which suggests even better results are possible. Bottomline, with the right ammo, the rifle is very, very accurate if shot cool and clean. I cleaned the barrel after the first 80 shots and then every 40 shots afterwards. Like all hunting rifles, you have to let it cool between groups or your accuracy does suffer. The trigger is clean, crisp and I adjusted mine to 2 lbs. Nothing lacking here. The bolt action is glass smooth and fast. It is a Tikka afterall! :) It is quick and follow up shots will be no problem. I did not use the scope rings included with the rifle, preferring a beefier set. The woodstock is a departure from most of my other rifles which tend to be black, synthetic and tactical, but she's shore purty! The roll-over cheek piece looks classy and make a nice sight picture quick, comfortable and easy. I treated my stock with Picreator Renaissance Wax to help protect it from moisture damage since I hunt rain, snow or sleet. (Just kidding, not sleet.) What about the T3 vs TX3? I paid $540 for my rifle which was about $250 less than the TX3 at the time and I absolutely do NOT regret it. I consider myself pretty picky about my firearms and I honestly do not see any issue with the bolt shroud on the T3 and feeding single rounds (with the magazine inserted) could not be easier. There is nothing "cheap" feeling or looking about this rifle. I added a nice leather sling with some tooling in keeping with the classic looks of the rifle and a recoil pad for the range that will come off when I hunt. Limb-saver recoil pad makes shooting this light .308 painless even when putting 50-60 rounds through it at a single range visit. Summary: this rifle is a tremendous value and I treasure mine. It is a joy to hold, quick to the shoulder and shoots straight. It just feels RIGHT, know what I mean? The deer that cross my field come late November this year will go into the freezer, of that I feel confident. I appreciate all the good reviews that helped me make up my mind and I hope this one adds something to the many others. God Bless.

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August 11, 2018

It's ok

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