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Vectronix COTI (Clip-On Thermal) Monocular Basic Equipment Kit 12712-3610-07


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Vectronix COTI Clip-On Thermal Imager

The Vectronix Clip-On Thermal Imager (COTI) was designed to provide its operator with the ultimate advantage in low/no light conditions by revealing far more than what is normally visible when using NVG devices. When paired with conventional night vision devices like the PVS-14, the COTI adds a layer of thermal detection that identifies both present and residual heat sources. Most night vision devices can only provide the operator with the ability to see in low light environments but that’s only part of the picture — the Vectronix COTI exposes potential targets that may be using some kind of cover that would normally defeat standard night vision capabilities. No matter the scenario, the COTI works with the NVG device to provide maximum situational awareness, allowing its operator to make well informed decisions on how the mission should proceed.

Due to the compact size and weight of the Vectronix COTI, the device is an excellent standalone thermal monocular when used with the optional eyepiece. The low power consumption of the unit, optimal sensor technology, and high performance optical components integrate to provide a state-of-the-art thermal optic that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Vectronix COTI features two heat detection profiles (White Hot & Black Hot) as well as three viewing modes (Full Thermal, Patrol, and Outline). These options ensure that the COTI can be configured to meet the demands of any scenario, whether hand-held or weapon/helmet mounted.

Features of the Vectronix Clip-On Thermal Imager

  • Pocket Sized & Lightweight
  • Two Heat Detection Profiles: White Hot & Black Hot
  • Three Viewing Modes: Full Thermal, Patrol, & Outline
  • >3 Hours of Operating Time at 73° F
  • Wide 20° Circular Field of View

Strengths & Uses

  • Improves Situational Awarenesss In No-Light/Low Light Environments
  • Detects Thermal Signatures out to 500 Meters
  • Defeats Basic Camouflage
  • Detects Residual Heat
  • Multi-Role Capability

Package Includes

  • Mounting Bracket (PVS-7, -14, -15, -18, -23)
  • Operator Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Lens Cloth
  • Black Soft Case 2" x 4" x 5"
  • CR123A Battery


  • Dimensions:101mm x 38mm x 76mm (4" x 1.5" x 3")
  • Weight:150g (5.8 oz) Including Battery
  • Monocular Magnification:1x (optical)
    2x (digital)
  • Field of View:20° Circular
  • Thermal Sensitivity:Detection: >500m
    Recognition: >300m
  • Sensor Resolution:320x240 pixel 8-12μ wavelength
  • PolarityWhite Hot or Black Hot
  • Display:Micro Display with Adjustable Brightness
    Red Hue Display converts COTI device into handheld thermal monocular
  • Battery Type(1) 3VDC Lithium CR123A
  • Operating Time> 3.0 hours at 73° F
  • Optic DetailsSensor Type: Uncooled LWIR Microbolometer Fixed Focus Objective Aperture: f/1.15
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeThermal

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
March 15, 2021

The COTI excels in extreme darkness and when artificial light is at a minimum. I’m able to detect at ~200yds clearly for varmint sized creatures in open fields. If there is a high discrepancy in temperature — deer in heavy brush or a bird in a tree on a cold night — at 30-50 yds, they really stand out vs NODs alone. When a signal is detected, I can light up the area with IR illumination and positively identify up to ~100 yds with unmagnified NODs. In areas with high levels of artificial light, adjusting to optimize signal to noise is a little tricky and sometimes false positives can occur. For those using this in unknown terrain vs aggressive or hostile threats, I would keep usage to open plains or large interior spaces with minimal backlight. This is an ideal supplement for those patrolling a known area who can dial in settings with minimal adjustment.

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July 29, 2021

Acquired my COTI and automatically loved it. Used it for about four solid nights, about three hours solid use at a time. They have worked great as a stand alone and clip on thermal imager. The only problem I had was it seemed to break on the inside. Maybe something inside had cracked and broken. So I called and much to my surprise less than two minutes we had not only fixed problem the manufacturer was waiting on the line for me to call back in case it couldn’t be fixed and I had to return it right meow. Couldn’t be happier with Safron for their warranty work and customer service with their product and also Eurooptic with their great customer service. Great companys great product that’s why I keep buying here.

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December 1, 2021

Had mine for 3-4 months now with approx. 100 hours on them and I cannot say enough about how well the COTI performs as it was designed! The COTI is a very specific-use thermal device and NOT meant to operate as a Typical Thermal Monocular! The COTI is designed as a NV Overlay Thermal Device providing near fusion capabilities. The COTI is NOT designed nor meant to be a thermal monocular for looking around to hunt etc. The COTI is designed to alert the Operator of a “Threat” by introducing another spectrum to view in the long wave infrared (IR) region wavelengths of 8-14 micrometers, thereby defeating traditional camouflage/concealment efforts. The IR-Spectrum is not normally provided by NV alone, the COTI changes that by integrating an IR overlay. The IR NV overlay works extremely well by quickly alerting the operator of a heat-signature providing an outline of the threat! The only downside is our lovely-regulators cannot seem to allow Civy’s to utilize devices to their full capacity! Vectronix has purposely “tuned-down” the COTI’s capabilities to a paltry 20 degree viewing! The COTI is capable of a much larger viewing zone, just like the E-COTI! Hopefully the full software suite will be available soon in order to release the full power to the COTI! As far as operations I should note that the COTI is Power-Hungry little bitch! You may want to obtain a COTI cable and a Vectronics COTI battery box or a much better alternative is the L3-PVS31 battery box both greatly extends the working hours of the device. The Battery boxes can be renewed with simple AA cells and to note a handy feature on the L3-PVS31 battery box is the IR lights on the box itself so no need for more helmet clutter and a separate IR strobe. So to sum it all up in the patrol or outline mode even with white phosphorous the CORI is astounding at identifying bad dudes which otherwise may escape your NODS!

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January 11, 2022

This coti is compact and fits on your PVS-14, very cool tool, I am extremely happy with it and the service I received from euro optics.

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