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Check out EuroOptic's line of premium manufacturers. We're proud to offer these high-quality product lines.

For sport or survival, food or foe, EuroOptic has a variety of rifles, including modern sporting rifles, sniper rifles, hunting rifles, and airguns, to suit your needs. With high-quality manufacturers like Accuracy International, Beretta, Blaser, Savage and many more, you’ll be sure to take out your target and take home your trophy.


Competition or protection, for law enforcement, military, and civilians packing heat, EuroOptic offers manufacturers such as Cabot Guns, Heckler & Koch, Kimber, Nighthawk, Sig Sauer, and many more, for all your handgun needs.

Behind a duck blind, in the heat of competition, or on the battlefield, EuroOptic delivers high-quality shotguns from manufacturers including Blaser, Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, and Ithaca, giving you the tools to hit your target every time.


Limiting flash and report and drastically reducing the sound levels of firing rounds, silencers (or, more accurately, "suppressors") are a useful tool. Friendly to your ears and the ears of those around you, using a silencer is the polite way to shoot.

We know that you take your outdoors experiences are seriously as we do - whether you're hiking or hunting, backpacking or shooting competitively, your loadout needs to be a cohesive whole rather than just a bunch of stuff thrown together. For that reason, gear selection is a process that's critical to success.

Latest Articles

16 Mar

Success Story: Mike S.

Captain Mike is loving his new Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG!
21 Feb

Success Story: Bart R.

Our latest Success Story comes from Bart R. from Albuquerque NM!
10 Jan

Success Story: Jeff G.

Our latest Success Story comes from Jeff G. of Washington who sent us a photo of some sub-MOA groupings produced by his benchrest rifle and newly purchased Nightforce Benchrest riflescope!
17 Dec

Nightforce ATACR Riflescopes Win USSOCOM P-VPS Contract For MK22 Advanced Sniper Rifle System!

The Department of Defense announced that USSOCOM officially selected two of Nightforce’s ATACR models to be the primary optics for the new MK22 Advanced Sniper Rifle.
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