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Rifle Silencers

Rifle Silencers

Tougher, heavier, and built to withstand more pressure than their handgun counterparts, rifle suppressors are engineered to operate under the high pressures of rifle ammunition. These silencers are usually chosen by caliber, supported ammunition, and rate of fire - but when implemented, using a rifle silencer can make shooting a much more pleasant experience - for you and your neighbors.

There are multiple schools of thought on how to select the right silencer for you - some folks like to choose a larger caliber and have the silencer be able to cover all of the smaller calibers (a "one-size-fits-most" setup), and others would rather optimize each silencer to its intended use. The former method is great if you don't plan on buying many silencers. The latter method has the advantage of saving weight and providing better suppression (the amount of noise that is reduced by the silencer), at the additional cost of more equipment.

Another consideration for the silencer is what kind of mount will be used to attach the device to the rifle. Generally speaking, there are two options here - you can direct thread the silencer to a threaded barrel or use a silencer with a quick-disconnect (or "QD") mount. Again, there are pros and cons - direct thread attachments cost less and actually can provide better suppression, but do not allow the rifle to easily transition between having the silencer on and another muzzle device in the silencer's absence, because most muzzle devices cannot simply be threaded on (they often require torque and/or timing shims or threadlocker). Quick disconnect silencers can remedy this but incur additional cost for compatible muzzle devices, and only work correctly with compatible muzzle devices.

Questions on these, and whether they'd be right for you and your setup? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 570-368-3920. Also, check out our page on buying a silencer from us for more details.

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