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Photoshoot: Kimber Adirondack and Swarovski Z3

Fall in Pennsylvania means a couple of things – harvest time, beautiful leaves (and leaf-peepers), and getting ready for hunting season. Around this time of year you’ll usually start seeing rifles configured for hunting, and a few will catch your eye. This particular rifle caught mine, and so made a great subject to share.


Kimber Adirondack and Swarovski Z3


This Kimber Adirondack is chambered in 7mm-08. In addition to having a cool and modern camouflage pattern, this rifle is more than just looks. Weighing in at under 5 lbs and featuring Kimber’s reputation for accuracy, it’s built to be outside – in a tree stand, blind, or slung on your back until it’s time to make that shot. Having hunted with Kimbers for years, I can say that this rifle is no exception to Kimber’s push for accurate, light-weight, and therefore extremely effective hunting rifles.


Kimber Adirondack with the bolt closed.


I’m a fan of the aesthetics of this rifle’s spiral bolt design. The Kimber claw extractor bolt conventionally featured on Kimber rifles is enhanced with this, and it makes for an elegant twist on a classic design. Kimber rifle safeties are ergonomically designed, and are quickly and quietly accessed when the time is right.


Rear view of Kimber Adirondack action with safety off and firing pin released.


Another useful feature of the Adirondack is the threaded barrel. Suppressed hunting is a great way to protect from hearing loss and lower noise signatures, and this rifle will support threaded muzzle devices, like direct thread suppressors, out of the box.


Kimber Adirondack threaded barrel.


Complementing this package is the Swarovski Z3 riflescope, a favorite for whitetail hunters because of the simple and straightforward design and Swarovski’s legendary optical clarity.


Swarovski Z3 mounted and ready to go.


While some setups beg for the latest technology and more features (the Swarovski Z6 is an extremely popular choice as well), the Z3 works wonders on this rifle. The turrets are easily accessible for adjustments, and have a crisp tactile feel.


Swarovski Z3 with turrets exposed.


But, at the end of the day, with riflescopes it comes down to optical clarity. And the Z3 lives up to the Swarovski name in this regard, with great view, eye relief, and exceptional detail even at long ranges and low light.


View through reticle of Swarovski Z3. Simply a stunning amount of detail in this forest at a range of over 400 yards.


Whatever your rifle setup this year – be careful, stay safe, and good luck!


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