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Success Story - Joseph C.

Joseph C. from Arlington shares a few details of his Elk hunt in New Mexico with his Leica ER riflescope and Trinovid binocular.

Taken at around 60 yards, Joseph's first Elk was an unusual experience. In his own words: 

As the sun was setting and the just-past full moon was rising, on the last day of our 5-day New Mexico elk hunt, I took this big and unusual 6x5 mature bull at a very modest 60 yards. Everything about the finale to our hunt was unusual. The bull had clearly been coming into our guides calls as he crossed our path so close. Like other bulls we had seen earlier the day before, he came in silent and close to last light. On his approach, he never bugled, (thankfully) never winded us and we never saw him until... The wind had picked up from the West and was in our faces as our team of 3 was packing out to our vehicle. As we were fast approaching last light, I heard my hunting partner behind me stop walking and eject shells from his gun. A moment later, he quickly stepped up to myself and our guide and said, "There's a bull right there!" Our guide and I were conversing freely, and not 50 yards ahead of us was a bull crossing in the shadows of pinons. Our guide said "He's good, let's get him." We trotted after him through the trees into a wide basin that we glassed earlier that day. The wide bowl opened up just 100 yards to our right and he was heading for it. Bathed in sunset light from the West and rising moon from the East, he was a dark silhouette against the scrubby grasses as he trotted further into the bowl and the open ground. My guide blew a cow call and he stopped in his tracks and turned broadside. "Take him." I dropped to a knee and put my gun up. This was not the shot that I had prepared for or pictured in my mind! At this close range at 2.5x on the scope the field was tight and he filled much of it. Through the Leica I could see every detail, horn and hair on him. I put the crosshairs behind the shoulder, squeezed, he walked 10 yards and folded. This was my first elk and I would not have taken him without the aid of the fine Leica glass on my rifle and the aid of the Leica Trinovid 10x42s that were around my neck all week. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this animal - and while he's maybe not everyone's trophy of a lifetime, we always remember our first! At my hunting companion's suggestion, I trusted EuroOptic for optics and for that you have my thanks and dedication. For top flight customer service and competitive value, I've found no finer outfit. Many thanks again.
Riveting story and strong work Joseph! Thank you for sharing!

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  • Shoukat

    2/26/2018 7:32:20 AM | Reply

    great work

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